Interview Tips And Guide: “Why Should We Hire You?” – Know The Answer Here!

10 Aug 2017 Tanusri Chakraborty

The most important interview tips for one of the most important questions in an Interview is that, why should the Interviewer or the Company hire or select you out of other candidates interviewed for the post. This is a very effective and to the point question. The company is giving you an opportunity to sell yourself to them!! After all you are your own brand and you should be able to represent and stand up for you the Brand!

The answer you present can either make it or break it for you in the interview. All you need is that perfect sales pitch for yourself on being asked this question. You will have to practice real hard before hand to come up with an outstanding answer which matches your interviewer’s expectations. We provide you interview tips and guidance here, to prepare an answer for yourself.

Practice Makes You Perfect

Go through the Job Description, and analyze where do you stand with your accomplishments. You can start doing this by jotting down the requirements of the job posted and your most relevant skills and experiences matching those requirements in your Resume.

Consider your Industry Experience, Technical Skills, Academics, Accolades received, Personality Traits and People skills in preparing this list.

Select three to four important qualities from your above interview tips list which makes you unique and a standout. Practice until you get under the skin of these qualities and feel really comfortable sharing it during a face to face session without any hesitations.

Begin With The Right Pitch

You will have to be careful to start this right. A bad answer to the question at hand here is, “I need the Job” or “I want to work for you and prove my mettle”!! As soon as you have said this, the interviewer will counter question you saying that ‘many people would like to join them or need the job badly or want to prove themselves to the company. So, what is new?’ Slowly you will lose the battle from there.

It is very critical for you to make an ever lasting impression by choosing to begin your answer in an interview with, “I am an effective problem solver and have skills to get the tasks done” or “I’ll be a value add to the team and deliver exceptional results” or “I have the appropriate experience to tailor fit in to the role and hiring me will make your (employers) life easier”. These will lead to more probing questions by the interviewer like, “What are your skillsets that are relevant to the job?” or “What value will you add in the team?” and “How do you plan to make your employers life easier?”.

Back Up Your Brand Value

You are going exactly in the right direction! The Interviewer has set a stage already for you to speak for your Brand Value. Utilize this opportunity to showcase your most striking strengths to the interviewer. Mention all of your positive qualities (3 or 4) listed from the previous brainstorming exercise.

Back up these qualities with real examples and your success stories from previous job experiences!! Describe your worth precisely by quoting figures and highlighting your achievements. The most important interview tips is evolve as the Strongest Brand amongst the rest and nail it forward.

Exuberate Confidence

Be Confident and strongly believe in your abilities. Show your willingness to brag about you the Brand but avoid being over-confident at the same time. Grab this golden opportunity to impress your interviewer by talking about your strengths. Remember to keep it crisp to a 1 or 2 minute of talking.

Your qualities and suitability for the role matters in an interview but your attitude and how you present yourself equally matters. Your confidence can bag you the Job or certainly give you a few brownie points because if you believe in yourself then the employer will start believing in you too! Show them you are the one!!

Sampling It Up

Sample 1: “I have all of the skills and experience that you’re looking for and I’m confident that I would fit aptly in this role. I have a strong background of working on successful projects for top companies and my people skills help me in enhancing strong inter personal relationships with my peers, subordinates and seniors. I am very passionate about this industry and my self-driven approach is an add on to deliver high-quality work for the company.”

Analysis: The candidate displays a lot of confidence and is able to sum up how they meet the position’s top requirements. This answer can be further strengthened with examples describing one of the successful projects, naming one of the companies or throwing more light on their people skills.

Sample 2: “From the time that I have read the Job Description, I honestly believe that this role was tailor made for me. I have X Years of relevant experience and a proven track record of successful projects with expertise in the required field. I have developed my people and communication skills by directly working with business leaders and hence I am prepared to work on high-profile projects and can start contributing from day one. I am really excited by the prospect of beginning to work here.”

Analysis: This is a positive approach of listing the candidates key qualities and confidently pointing that the candidate is a great fit and the role is tailor made for them. This candidates experience to start contributing from day one with no need of much hand holding certainly pleases the employers.