LinkedIn Profile To Attract Recruiters

How To Write LinkedIn Profile That Attracts Recruiters – 8 Things To Keep In Mind

05 Dec 2018 Tanusri Chakraborty

To attract more recruiter to look at your LinkedIn profile and hire you, you must go through the LinkedIn profile writing tips we are sharing. Data procured from various surveys point to the fact that over 90% of Recruitment Firms, Recruiters and Head-Hunting Agencies of various companies have their presence on LinkedIn. These firms use LinkedIn to identify and finally recruit the right-fit for the organizations they are associated with. Which means the firms would look right through your LinkedIn profile and might as well select you for a job!

Hence, investing time in creating a stunning profile on LinkedIn will surely pay you off well. So, how do you make your Linkedin profile attractive to the recruiters? What do you do to be found easily on LinkedIn? How do you present yourself to create that right impression? Well, by now all these questions are surely rattling your mind.

How to Write LinkedIn profile that attracts a Recruiter:

Stay calm as we present to you 8 ways to make your LinkedIn profile attract more opportunities! Let’s follow the LinkedIn profile writing tips below-

1. Headlines Count

Most of the Headlines on LinkedIn show the current job title and company name, however, this does not add to ones branding instead adds to their companies branding. Show your readers what exactly you do at work by not only including your role but also your industry details and present professional skill sets. This is providing more information at a glance about you to the recruiters. Example of a well-written headline would be, “Senior Financial Analyst with 8 years of experience in the Telecom/IT Sector.”

2. Update Your Profile Regularly

Your LinkedIn profile should be up to date with all your current information related to your career including your contact information and LinkedIn profile picture updated. Treat this as important as you would treat your resume updations. LinkedIn, in fact, goes one step ahead acting as your career branding tool. When the recruiter searches for suitable profiles they end up with more than a dozen in return. To be on top of everyone all your details should be correct as any information which is not updated might result in the loss of a prospective job opportunity. For example, you should be easily reachable to the recruiter and if you have an outdated email ID mentioned, things wouldn’t work out your way.

3. Summary A Must

LinkedIn profiles have a summary part which forms a critical portion of your overall profile. Don’t ever think of skipping this section. Again, this section gives a glance at your overall professional summary for the quick reader and leads them to the decisive point of whether to continue or drop the profile. It is a searchable section which means recruiters are searching through multiple profiles and yours can get lucky provided you have used popular keywords describing your expertise and knowledge.

4. Build Up A Good Summary

Giving popular keywords to describe your skills is absolutely wonderful but building up your summary as a background to your professional journey would be an amazing way to keep your readers glued to your profile. Make your summary descriptive so that the recruiters contact you after one glance through it. The summary should look as if a story is being told in a very casual tone describing the high points of your career including your career arc. Along with your key skills also highlight your key accomplishments and interesting roles which you donned along during your journey.

5. Highlight your Professional Experience

All your job experiences should be mentioned on your LinkedIn profile in the same way as in your CV. While resumes are more descriptive, LinkedIn can do without much description, except for your current job role.  This is an essential segment for the reader to understand what you do currently and what have you accomplished so far. So, ensure that you describe your current role well enough!

6. Use the Additional Sections to Your Benefit

There are specific sections on LinkedIn for your publications, journals, activities and also skills. These should certainly be used to your benefit by adding more information about you and your background. Not only do these details make your profile appealing but also highlight your multi-faceted personality to the readers. For example, you might be working as an Accountant but might as well have a knack for writing and have a few articles in your kitty.

7. Customize Your LinkedIn URL

Any URL always originally is a set of alphabets and numbers and the LinkedIn URL of your profile is no different. However, to make it appear more professional, neat and convenient, the URL can always be changed. Customize the URL to your name and send it to recruiters or simply add it to your email signature and see how it turns advantageous for your brand factor.

8. Show Some Activity

The best of all LinkedIn profiles are active profiles with loads of activity every day. Post things relevant to your field or expertise and engage in other posts. You can as well forward or re-post someone else’s post for that matter. More activity on your profile makes your LinkedIn very engaging. Nil activity could make the recruiters feel that they are looking at a dormant or suspended account which is not what you want them to think!

A polished LinkedIn profile opens doors to tons of opportunities!! These hacks are not very time-consuming at the first place and definitely lifesaving for your job search.

While you are updating your profile do not forget to network and build more and more connections and keep earning recommendations and giving them out as well. After all, LinkedIn is all about online Networking!