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Sending Your Resume To HR For Your Dream Job But Don’t Know What To Write – Know It Here

29 Dec 2019 Tanusri Chakraborty

Your Dream Job just appeared on the job search engine after searching for what seemed like an eternity! You are on the verge of sending an email to the HR Personnel applying for the job and have attached your resume.

But, what if HR does not even bother to open your email and simply delete it because they find it unprofessional? What if the HR takes your E-mail to be too casual? What if they consider you for some other post because your email lacked the required clarity? Down goes your dream job landing on someone else’s lap!

Write A Perfect Resume Before Applying For Dream Job:

Email etiquettes are the first skill you showcase for yourself to a potential employer. Emails are the backbone of the present work-life scenario. All conversations, corporate deals, job offers and much more are done via emails these days. Emails need to be formal and professional so that your message is conveyed effectively without being misunderstood. We show you exactly how you can do that:

Subject Line:

Let the employers know exactly which role is of interest to you and don’t keep them guessing. On the Subject Line of the email mention the Job Reference Number or Job Title.

  • Example 1: Job Application: Developer (Reference# 19xxx3)
  • Example 2: Application Enclosed: IT Manager ( Job ID: 13xxxW124)

Addressable Greeting:

A greeting to address your potential HR is how you would want to start. Please use, Dear Mr. Surname or Dear Ms. Surname or Dear Sir/Madam or Dear HR Team or Dear HR Manager, etc. Never use the first name of the person or full name of the person as this is an incorrect way of addressing. Also for female HR personnel, irrespective of her marital status (especially since you would be unknown to her), use Ms. and then her last name.

Email Body: Keep It Crisp Yet Formal

Don’t ever be in a hurry while writing an email for a job application because it may look informal and lack the professional touch. You have spotted your dream job now, so don’t be casual at all but give information as is needed to make the employers want to know more about you. Crisp yet informative with a little tinge of mystery and the formal presentation should do the trick for your email. Keep the font simple and nothing fancy, no formatting should be shown on the email.


The most vital piece to be attached to your emails is your Resumes and Cover Letters. Without these, you will end up nowhere. The Email Body can just develop an interest in your HR’s mind about you, however, the Resume and Cover Letter will validate your words and speak for your experience.

Resume and cover letter formats that are acceptable these days are either a word document or a pdf copy. You can attach the Resume and Cover Letter and mention the same in your email. The cover letter can also be written on the body of the email.

The filename for each of your resume and cover letter should specifically have the resume and cover letter mentioned on the name. Example: Your Name Resume.doc / Your Name coverletter.pdf. The cover letter can be of a 1-page length and the resume should have not more than 2 or 3 pages.

Keep the resume detailed and very professional. Resume writing services is an art that has been mastered by professional resume writers.

Concluding The Email

Always give a salutation at the end of your email to conclude it. Do always give your Full Name (Name & Surname) and your Phone no. so that it is easy for the employer to contact you back. A few examples are given below.

Thanks & Regards/Best Regards/Kind Regards/Yours Faithfully/Yours Sincerely

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number

Also Check:

Check For Mistakes

Recheck twice or thrice before clicking on the Send button. The things you should particularly check are as follows

  1. Check for spelling or grammatical errors
  2. Check that the subject line is not in capital letters
  3. Check that you have attached your resume and Cover Letter
  4. Check that you have not opened your greeting with a Hi or a Hello and that you haven’t closed by mentioning Bye or Cheers etc.

Sampling It Up

Example 1:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find the attached cover letter and resume as my application for the _______ position within your company.

You can see from my resume that I have X years of experience as required in the opening at your esteemed organization. My self-motivated attitude and smart-working ability can be an add-on for this position. I am looking forward to your positive response.

Thanks & Regards

First Name Surname

Phone Number


Example 2:

Dear HR Manager,

I am very interested in applying for the Operations Manager position you advertised on (job portal) recently. My educational qualification and 12 years of rich experience in operations management match your required job specifications. Kindly find attached my Application Documents: – Resume.doc

– Cover Letter.Doc It would be a pleasure to discuss this exciting opportunity with you. You can find my contact details below. Yours Sincerely,

  • Name
  • Ph. No.

All the Best with your Job Search!!

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