8 Expert Tips To Crack An Online Job Interview During COVID-19

8 Expert Tips To Crack An Online Job Interview During COVID-19

23 Apr 2020 admin@vaishali

As the uncertainty over novel coronavirus pandemic is increasing and lockdown seems to be never-ending, most companies are exploring alternatives methods for hiring which include telephonic interviews and video conferencing. As job seekers, you must be aware and ready to face this changing trend.

It is a huge possibility that even after the lockdowns are lifted, the companies may be hesitant to go forward with a face to face interview because online interviews not only ensure avoidance of virus transfer from an unknown source but also save time, money and optimize the hiring process.

Once the lockdown is over, India may see a boost in jobs because of the inflow of investments in various industries. If the analysts are to be believed, many manufacturing companies are looking for shifting facilities in India and are in talks with Indian missions for the same.

A Feeling Of Comfort:-

If you would have gone for a face to face interview then you must be well aware of the stress that we go through as an interviewee waiting for our turn. With this stress, it is quite obvious that you may not be able to impress the interviewer as you intend to. Thus, video interviews are a boon to you in disguise as you can control your interview surroundings. We will talk on how to crack interviews during a lockdown.

Save Time And Money:-

Video interviews are not only time and cost-effective for the companies, but also for the candidate as a candidate saves on travel cost and accommodation charges. It is important to put efforts to crack video interviews amid pandemic as when the market resumes, there will be a huge supply versus demand gap and it is better to be vigilant and quick.

Preparation For The Interview:-

It is said the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. Similarly, you must keep sharpening your axe. So, your tools are a Resume, LinkedIn, Cover letter, and good interview preparation. We provide resume writing services at most economical prices so that you just need to worry about the interview at hand while we deliver professional resume writing services as per market standards.

Brush up your previous job roles and responsibilities and learnings, so that you know how to use your skills to your advantage for the job. Along with a resume, the essential components include a cover letter and LinkedIn profile. We are also into cover letter writing and LinkedIn profile writing.


Tips For A Good Video Conferencing Job Interview Experience:-

  1. Ensure you have the required software preinstalled that is required for the video conferencing. Also, check your internet connection to be stable and giving proper speed.
  2. Arrange a good webcam, speaker, and microphone to ensure optimal performance. Maintain the correct orientation of webcam such that it is above your eye line and in line with the top of the head and ensure the focus is on you and not the surrounding.
  3. Ensure your background is neutral and less distracting. This will help the interviewer focus on you and increase your chances of selection.
  4. Make sure you check the lighting to be appropriate so that neither you are too bright or too dark on cam.
  5. Dress like you would dress for a formal face to face interview. Avoid shades that merge with the background or which are pure white or black as it may get distracting. Try light and softer shades.
  6. It is good to keep resume, JD, and some quick reference notes in front – but out of sight of interview for a quick glance during the interview.
  7. Punctuality is the key. Be ready with everything at least 10-15 minutes prior to the interview.
  8. Smile naturally, don’t fake it, and keep a water bottle and glass handy.

Voila! You are ready to crack your next job interview. All you need is a professional resume. Write in today for a free review of your resume and for services related to resume development, cover letter, and Naukri profile. If you need Linkedin profile writers or visual resume writing services then GetMyResumes.in is the best place to come to.

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