How you can find a job during COVID-19 crisis

How You Can Find A Job During The COVID-19 Crisis

06 Apr 2020 admin@vaishali

It is always said, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.” But what to do differently when the world is reeling under an unprecedented crisis which has arisen because of the Novel Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid19) that locked countries and plunged economies? As of April 04, 2020, the USA reports a total of 7 lakh people have lost jobs while over 10 million have already filed unemployment claims. And finding a job during COVID-19 crisis is a pain point for many.

As of now, Indian jobs are relatively safe because of government directives but once markets open layoff may be the new norm of Indian job industry too and this will be a common story across the globe. It is time to be smart, proactive and emerge victorious in the field of career. The question remaining HOW? Let’s talk about how to take our boat out of the waters of the turbulent economy, in more detail.

Mental Preparation:-

Come to terms with the fact that the situation is bad and doing nothing is not an option, not even the last one. It just is no there on the list. So when doing nothing is not an option then what is?

Even though we acknowledge it is impossible to control the way the virus has and will affect the job market, economy or individuals, but if you understand what is changing you can better manage your outcome and you can do so by working on following in correct order:

  • Make effective short term plans and be more creative than a scientist
  • Use this time to enhance your skills
  • Update and enhance your résumé, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • Prepare for Interviews in a virtual setup

Make effective and innovative short term plans:-

Many small undertakings with low cash flow are almost going out of business and closing while large companies will be looking for cost cuts. Initially, layoffs and furloughs were a more common feature of the service industry however recent developments have created a trickledown effect and it is going to affect every industry.

You need to think about what to do in the next few days or next 30, 60 and 90 days. Remember you are the scientist of your career and think exactly like a scientist. Why? Well because no situation is forever and you just need a plan for right this moment. Just for this crisis.

Identify your top skills and search opportunities to use them and leverage your career in different capacities. Use your present skills for different kind of roles. Like, let’s say you were the project manager for a project-based company carrying loads of experience of planning and execution. Use that execution for say hospital expansion project that may require such a planner as of now. Tap the present roles that suit your skills even if they are not of a similar industry.

Turn your hobbies and talent to short term business or short term job during COVID-19 times. Don’t be afraid to hear a no when you apply. Be positive stay strong!

Enhance Skills to get a job during COVID-19:-

Almost all of us are under a lockdown sitting at home thinking about how to pass the time. This is the best time to learn something new or increase your skills and increase the chance of finding a job during COVID-19. Join online skill enhancement lectures on sites such as Udemy and learn something you have been wanting for long but have not been able to because of hectic schedules.

Enhance your Resume, LinkedIn Profile to find a job during COVID-19:-

The resume is not just a document it is your image before you appear before the board. Resume writing is both an art and science and the right amount of mixture of everything gives the best and intended results. We here at ensure that we deliver such world-class résumés which are written keeping not only the ATS (bots) but also your possible hiring manager in mind.

Your resume should be as close to the skills of the job you are applying for. Update your LinkedIn, Naukri profile, Cover Letter, etc. We are offering good discounts on a complete package, you are just a click away from a professional résumé. Finding a job during COVID-19 by enhancing your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Prepare for virtual job interviews:-

Social distancing is a norm today and most companies are moving to virtual job interviews. It’s time we acknowledge that most of the companies are not having a well set up remote hiring and onboarding process and thus it will need patience on your part as a candidate as companies are still trying to adjust to the new circumstances.

Prepare well for virtual interviews. Remember dress you wear always boosts your confidence so dress up like you would do for a face to face interview even if it is just a telephonic call. Sound enthusiastic and modulate your voice to keep your interviewer interested in your talk.

Be smart, keep sheets with short notes to refer to when on a telephonic call. Keep the environment clutter-free. In case it is a video interview then ensure you have the appropriate software downloaded and the camera, speaker and microphone are working correctly and the area is properly lit. Crack video interviews in full confidence.

Once the situation gets in control and things get back on track all companies will be starting their hiring process soon. Till then focus on your short term goals as discussed above. India is a country of budding entrepreneurs, innovators, and industrialists, so embrace that perseverance and tenacity as you consider your employment options during this uncertain time.

One way to help yourself during this time is by making sure your resume is the best and up to industry standards and the start can be with a free resume review. Submit today!