Crack Video Interviews Amid Pandemic

How To Crack Video Interviews Amid Pandemic?

04 May 2020 admin@vaishali

It has been a topsy-turvy start to the third decade of this century. COVID-19 has brought with it many disruptions. Coronavirus has significantly changed the contours of professional life. It is a well-known fact that changing times call for changing methods because as per the theory of evolution nature follows the law of survival of fittest be it life or business. 

The current situation of a pandemic caused by novel coronavirus is no less different when businesses and humans alike are fighting for survival and need to come up with new strategies. These days, home is the new office. The Internet is the new meeting room and video interviews are becoming the new normal, like it or not, but they are inevitable, 

Sooner or later, we all have to go through and crack video interviews amid pandemic, as it enables the recruiters and hiring managers to gauge the personality of the candidates and have one-on-one interaction.

Even though the questions and expectations during the interviews remain similar, yet some additional preparations are required to crack video interviews during a lockdown and after that as well. 

So, it is time to gear up and get ready to crack the video interviews amid pandemic, and we have brought some of the best practices to get you set up for success.

Technical and Space Set up :

Test your internet connection and meeting tools:-

It is always said, what is a workman without his tools because the cleverest of craftsmen cannot make things with his bare hands. Similarly, for you – the internet, video conferencing software, webcam, speakers, and microphone are the biggest tools. 

Check these things well in advance. Also, ensure that your interviewer has your contact number/user ID for video calls to reach you in case of an outage of the internet or some other issues. 

Remember if something goes wrong, don’t get stressed or get in panic attack mode. Be calm, remember it also shows the interviewer how you handle stressful situations and can have a huge impact on the selection, as all we want is to crack video interviews. 

Prepare your interview space properly – Declutter:-

The surroundings play a vital role in your mental set up and otherwise overall selection. A cluttered surrounding not only makes your mind go lethargic and unfocused, but it also leaves a bad impression you on your potential employer. 

Turn off your phone and computer notifications so that they do not disturb the course of the interview. Keep your laptop fully charged and a power backup in case of a sudden power outage.

Interview Preparation:

During the course of the interview, try to incorporate the following to crack video interview:-

  • Focus on your skills acquired as a part of previous experiences and learnings and show the interviewer how they are relevant to the role you are being interviewed for. 

Keep JD, resume, quick notes handy, and out of sight of the interviewer. A quick glance can remind you of the points you want to tell your interviewer.

  • Answering in an interview is like participating in an extempore.

The replies should be short, crisp, to the point, and well structured. Try to answer in a way such that you can direct the flow of your interview as it will increase your chances of selection.

  • Bring out some situations, your actions and results based on past experience which may be of interest for your recruiter.

This will help place you at a higher bar than the other interviewees.

Be Genuine, Patient and well dressed:-

Dress up like you would for a face to face interview and choose light shades so that you look well-groomed over the webcam. If the hiring manager says they will respond back then be patient and give them some time. Remember they are in a virtual setup and it may take some time to take the opinion of the whole panel or come to a decision.

Further, you must write a “thank you letter” – it helps you bring back their attention to your candidature and increases the chances of getting a response. check this – to know how to write a thank-you note post-interview – Art of Writing Thank You Notes After the Big Interview

Practice Beforehand:-

A survey on LinkedIn revealed that almost 54% of job seekers get uncomfortable in interviews and call it either moderately or extremely challenging because of a lack of confidence and preparation. 

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