Resume Writing Tips Leads You Towards Land a Job

Multiple Resume Writing Tips Leads You Towards Land A Job

19 May 2020 Tanusri Chakraborty

In this generation of millennial’s where everyone is a jack of all trades, a source of extra income or following your passion and profession simultaneously is always a welcome thing. You might be an Engineer or an Architect but a pro also in anchoring events or a great dancer or even a writer. All of these things lead you towards different lines and professions. However, your resume cannot club all these into one to showcase all your skills.

Resume’s these days are profession specific, hence crowding it with too much information will end you up in a soup. For example, you can apply for a Marketing profession based on your previous stupendous experiences yet must have listed too many things on the resume so as to be easily opted out from the selection process.

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The only solution to this is to have multiple resume writing tips. One resume attributed to one job role. Creating a resume for a specific job role will keep you on the safer side instead of applying the same resume for multiple job applications. Ever wondered why you were being rejected upon circulating the same resume everywhere? You know now the exact reason for your failures during the job-hunting process.

Here are a few more reasons to know why after all having multiple Resume and CV’s writing is a good idea:

Applying for A New Position In Your Industry

You can be a school science teacher but wanted to always own your own STEM Education Institution. Wanted to apply to one of the leading stem centers for a franchise? A need arises to revamp your resume here. The resume would have your overall experience as a teacher and at the same time will illustrate on the points that make your candidature the best for the teaching of new scientific methods.

Applying For Various Positions In Your Industry  

Desperately looking for a job? Hunting various offers but not ending up with anything concrete? It’s time to apply for other positions in the same industry or to internal job postings in your same office for that matter. However, before doing this you would need multiple resume writing which cater to various jobs within your industry showing your versatility and making you competent. The resume should have your experience but has to concentrate on the skills which are role specific.

Applying For Work At Home Positions In Your Industry Or Some Other Industry

Sometimes people, especially new moms, and women, just have to do away with their hectic 9 to 5 schedules and settle for more convenient options. Options which give them the comfort of their home while also giving them the opportunity to continue with their careers. Redesigning the resume to spotlight your work from home traits while also emphasizing on any earlier experiences of working from home can make your transition seamless.

Applying For A Higher Position Under A New Industry

To grow up the ladder all you need is a move or leap which is big enough to give you growth in terms of money and position both. A marketing manager, for example, can aspire to move up the hierarchy to become a VP or MD or Chief Marketing Officer. This is when a need for a new resume arises. Highlight the skills and the experience which counts for you to excel in the new role on your new resume.

Applying For The Same Position but In A New Industry

You can be a Project Manager in an IT firm and then you decide to change your job by applying for a Project Manager Role in the Development Sector. While the position is same there is a cross over to a new industry. It’s up to you to make a resume which would capture your experience and highlight your skills as fit for a crossover.

Applying for A New Position Under A New Industry

People end up following their passion and change careers to travel on a path which they never ever dream of in their wildest of dreams. You could be an Ops Lead and suddenly decide to pursue your passion for writing. Well, you are applying for a brand-new position under a brand-new field without any previous work experience. Emphasizing your research and all your freelance work if any as a writer in the field of content on a new resume will surely take you places.

Customization of resume will eventually make you a perfect candidate for the role that you are applying to and of course lets you crack interviews. Include your cover letter writing also which will introduce you and your career choices while briefly explaining why you are a good fit.