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8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

18 Jun 2020 admin@vaishali

Is your resume getting the response you expect? No? Maybe it is time you take some professional advice. Like you would consult an architect to design the map for your house and not just go about making one on your own, similarly, your career profile needs a bit of advice from a professional resume writer.

Even if you are highly experienced, looking for a new job can be a scary process, as it is like walking in unchartered territory. The fight for a job starts long before you get a call for an interview. It may look that any resume is a good resume, but the truth is that a resume makes a difference during initial screening/shortlisting. 

A professionally crafted resume has the power to get you noticed, showcase your best accomplishments and even cover up the gaps in your career if any.

Why hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Most of us are taught basic resume writing skills in schools and colleges. As a result, we feel that resume writing is simple and there isn’t any need to opt for resume writing services from a professional resume writer, we consider it like a burden on the pocket. Let us take a simple example, we all learn basic science in our middle school but that doesn’t help in securing a technical job, similarly, a basic knowledge of resume writing can help you with an average resume, not something that stands out.

Few reasons why you should take help from a resume writer, as it’s like an investment in your career:-

  • Overwhelming Competition:- The job is no more giving you the growth you seek. Further, due to the busy work schedule and a highly competitive job market, you are left overwhelmed as to how to proceed with your resume. This is where we come in. At, we ensure that we give an unbiased approach to your profile showing the skills and achievements such that the resume gets a good response.

  • Confusion:- You are confused about what should be included in the resume? Well, write in today to our experienced writers and they will help you get a professional ATS compliant resume.

  • CV vs Resume:- Most of the people get confused about how a resume is different from a curriculum vitae and end up mixing both. A professional resume writer can help you understand the difference between the two and which is needed where.

  • Experience Portrayal:- It is common to have experience in various domains but mostly the calls that you are getting are for a domain you are not interested in. It may be because the resume is written in a way that it is not focusing on the domain you are interested in. A professional resume writer can help you cover up that gap and increase your chances of getting the right call for the right domain.

  • Keywords:- With an increase in competition, it is very common that hiring managers don’t have time to go through the whole resume until you are physically present for the interview. They look for certain keywords in the resume. Our professional resume writer writes many career stories each day and are adept with the latest accepted keywords in the industry and make it hiring friendly. 

  • Irregular Career History:- Not all of us have the luck of continuous job history for various reasons. When putting it in resumes, most people get confused about how to portray it. A professional resume writer can help you easily cover up such gaps in the resume and make your resume an eye-catcher among the pool.

  • ATS Compliant Resumes:- Most of our potential clients tell us that they created a resume through online tools but didn’t get the expected results. A professional resume writer knows exactly how to write a resume which is ATS compliant increasing your chances of a shortlisting and call for an interview.

  • Cover Letters:- As a lovely book is incomplete without a good prologue similarly your resume is incomplete without a good cover letter. A professional resume writer can help you impress your potential hiring manager with a good cover letter. Write in today for cover letter writing services along with resume.

One of our clients was furloughed because the organization did not have new projects and he was very new to the industry with just 3 years of experience to back him. After a month of unsuccessful search, he contacted us for a free review. Post review, he opted for our resume writing services, LinkedIn profile writing and Naukri profile development. After 2 months of taking our services, he called back to inform me that he got many profile hits and also got a call from a reputed MNC and secured the job with a good salary package. He also told us that the hiring manager specifically mentioned that he got a call even when he was short of experience because of the well-written profile. We would love you to be the next caller giving us this feedback.

So, what are you thinking? Write in today for a free review of your resume and for services related to resume development, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and Naukri profile optimization. If you need LinkedIn profile writers or visual resume writing services then is the best place to come to. We enjoy helping candidates making successful careers using these tools. You may also go through our blogs for resume writing tips. You are just a click away from giving your career a boost in the right direction. Do write in now!

Professional resumes are a step to get you secure a call for an interview but in the current COVID-19 crisis, preparation for interviews are also needed. Check out our blog on crack an online job interview by clicking here.