A Cover Letter is an essential part of your entire portfolio which is used widely by recruiters and serves as a decisive factor in recruitment.

A good and apt cover letter can persuade a recruiter to take a look at your CV, serving as a welcoming note while giving a glimpse of your skills. We at GetMyResumes provide professional cover letter writing services by our expert cover letter writers which will give you an edge in your job application.



Cover Letters are the first thing that a recruiter will look at and thus can leave a lasting impression on the recruiter. An impressive write-up, highlighting the candidate’s signature skill sets, abilities, experience, and enthusiasm to get a new role can all land a potential candidate with the job. The greatest of candidates sometimes fail to convert their cover letters and resumes into a strong, to the point and focused write up. This is where our cover letter writing experts come in the picture to bring in a desirable output.

What Are Great Cover Letters Made Up Of?

We have supported thousands of professionals from various professions and industries who need cover letters for job applications. Thus, we have become one of the most trusted and authentic sources to offer outstanding Cover Letter writing services. You should know what all should you demand from a cover letter service provider like us when wanting a cover letter.

Must Haves of a Cover Letter :

  1.  Must refer an organization and must have a title.
  2.  Key words are a mandate especially for the automated scanners used on resumes by few organizations.
  3.  The write up should be role-specific and should sound engaging and enthusiastic.
  4. Positivity and positive attitude should be visible throughout the write-up.
  5.  Sounding energetic is a must for a recruiter to believe that you are worthy of the role.
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We guarantee high-quality and the best cover letter writing services

Our Cover Letter writers work hard and are well versed with the art of making exceptional and attention-grabbing cover letters.


This is how our cover letters are powerful and unique.

    • Optimized document tailor-made for the role applied.
    • Cover Letters are written post analyzing the candidates resume.
    • Cover Letters are written only after thoroughly researching the organization.
    • We deeply learn about the candidate’s experience; their skill sets and professional laurels
      before preparing the cover letter.

Who Can Benefit from Our Cover Letters?


Excellence at par available with our cover letter writing services and we extend these services to everyone who needs professional content solutions, namely:

    • Cover Letter for Students
    • Cover Letter for Freshers Looking for Jobs
    •  Cover Letter for Junior Professionals
    •  Cover Letter for Professionals looking for Career Advancement
    •  Cover Letter for Professionals looking to shift industries
    • Cover Letter for Senior Management Professionals of VP, MD or CEO categories

Your search for the best cover letter writing service ends here as we help you reach your career goals. With our experience and expertise, you will soon land up with your dream job. So, don’t try and craft a cover letter on your own and invest your time instead of the interview preparation. Leave the writing job for us as we create an outstanding and very professional cover letter for you. We also provide resume writing services which makes it a dual-range of service.


Get real results

Working with a professional writer to revamp your
LinkedIn profile will give you a competitive advantage.

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Work one-on-one to create a LinkedIn profile tailored to your career goals.

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Post your revamped LinkedIn profile and elevate your professional brand online.



Vaishali is great with her content knowledge and very detail oriented.

Vaishali is great with her content knowledge and very detail-oriented. I love the way she could put together her thoughts in a professional manner. Her strength is a Resume writing and she makes sure your work experience is highlighted in the best possible way.

One of the successful women entrepreneur with lot of talent

Very professional and after reading the content, I could only understand that the owner loves to write. One of the successful women entrepreneur with a lot of talent

Awesome Work. Thanks Vaishali for an impressive Resume and she has absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Awesome Work. Thanks, Vaishali for an impressive Resume and she has absolutely exceeded my expectations.
She understands your requirements and makes the resume with the latest industry standards. The quality of the documentation was very professional.

She is a through professional and has passion for her work.

Get my Resume is a great initiative by its founder- Ms Vaishali Jain, she is a thorough professional and has a passion for her work. I would like to thank her and recommend “Get my resume” services at all times

Vaishali is brilliant in what she does and has a good hold on the work at hand.

Vaishali is brilliant in what she does and has a good hold on the work at hand. She is really good at resume writing & LinkedIn profile development and makes sure that the client is completely satisfied with the quality of work delivered. The services are at par with the charges. You just need to give her the work and then sit back for the results and they are wonderful and within the time frame promised. Recently I got placed in a firm hiring only IITians and NITians and the Vice President of the company specifically mentioned it in my interview that I got a call for interview on the basis on the way my resume was written and my skills mentioned.



What are the services provided?

We provide Resume Development & Consultation and other Career and Writing Services including LinkedIn Profiles, Cover letters and Executive Profiles for job seekers and professionals. For more details please check out our services page.

What is the maximum number of iterations allowed?

With our commitment to your satisfaction, we allow multiple iterations until you are completely satisfied with your resume but it is advised that you have a clear view about your requirements and convey the same to our consultant in a timely manner to avoid delays and ensure quicker delivery of your documents.



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